Bruce Chabner, M.D.

Bruce Chabner, M.D.
Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Director of Clinical Research, Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

Dr. Chabner is a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and is director of clinical research at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Cancer Center. He has had extensive experience in the field of cancer drug discovery and development. His major interest is in the clinical testing, pharmaco-kinetics, and biochemical pharmacology of new anticancer drugs, particularly natural products and signal transduction inhibitors.

Prior to joining MGH, Dr. Chabner spent 27 years at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), where he was a senior investigator in the Laboratory of Chemical Pharmacology, chief of the Clinical Pharmacology Branch, director of the Clinical Oncology Program, and director of the Division of Cancer Treatment. His work at NCI led to the development of Taxol, a commonly prescribed breast cancer drug, and contributed significantly to the development of high dose chemotherapy regimens, and to standard therapies for lymphoma.

Dr. Chabner is a senior editor for the Oncologist and serves on the executive advisory boards for some of the industry’s leading innovators in drug development. In 2006, received a presidential appointment to the National Cancer Advisory Board at the NCI.

Dr. Chabner received his M.D. at Harvard Medical School, and completed a residence at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and fellowships at the National Cancer Institute and Yale-New Haven Hospital.